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LiveEngage makes it easy to connect with your visitors whenever they need you


You’re one tag away from connecting with LiveEngage

It all begins with the new LiveEngage tag. It’s the only piece of code you’ll need to get started, and you only need to embed it once. It operates behind the scenes to monitor what your customers are doing on your site and identify what kind of assistance they need most.

Whether they’re browsing on a computer or smartphone, LiveEngage automatically connects the dots of their journey, from your pages they visited to purchases they made, to better understand the visitor and figure out how to help.


The tag is easy to embed and lets you change your campaigns without changing the code. Here’s what’s new:

  • Super-fast interactions with your customers through geo-distributed connections that put them in touch with the closest data center
  • Asynchronous loading, so the tag doesn’t interfere with the rest of your page


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Tailor the customer experience

You can create digital engagements in six minutes or less by building a personalized campaign in a few easy steps: Choose a goal, your target audience, and the kind of engagement to use.

Campaigns are how you engage site visitors — through chats, banner content, etc. — and they’re all tied to your business goals and driven by customer behavior. This way, you can target specific visitors to reach particular goals.

You can increase the likelihood of a purchase by setting a few parameters around your target. For example, you can target people on the help page who are: looking at shipping questions; arrived on your site through paid search; browsed through four different products; added at least $100 worth of stuff to their carts.

These are just a few ways you can target site visitors. To break this down further, you can reach out to your customers based on:

  • Referral site
  • Device
  • Geo location
  • New or returning visitors
  • Affiliate tracking
  • Website location
  • Google Analytics segment
  • Google AdWords campaign

Connect with customers in more ways than one

Your customers won’t have to hunt to find the information they need. LiveEngage identifies those more likely to need a chat and sends them a personalized invitation. Others who just need a quick and easy answer, for example, will see different types of engagements — such as banners, panels, toasters, etc. — to help them in the right direction. Chats, on-page content, and concierge support all make the customer experience a lot more enjoyable.

The LiveEngage platform lets you address your customers’ concerns up front to encourage them toward the end goal. Say you’re targeting an international customer with a full shopping cart but who’s been browsing shipping FAQs. LiveEngage can clarify questions about shipping overseas through a banner engagement. This can help relieve shipping anxiety and make them more confident about their purchase.


And since we know our users are all over the world, LiveEngage supports multiple languages, including:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Japanese
  • Simplified Chinese
  • Korean

See results as they happen

Trying to make sense of your data has never been easier. Real-time data dashboards keep track of customer care professional activities as they happen. You also have access to near real time reports that let you measure campaign effectiveness, optimize and tweak them accordingly, and track your success with conversion performance dashboards.

There are two kinds of dashboards. Campaign-level dashboards show you how your engagements are affecting your business (and its success), while operational data dashboards clue you in to how your agents are doing and provide key operational metrics.

To fully see into the nitty-gritty of your online business operation,
the dashboards follow:

  • Conversions after chat
  • Overall site conversions
  • Number of engagements
  • Click-throughs
  • Engagements per hour
  • Average engagement length
  • CSAT
  • Agent utilization and activity

Update any campaign whenever you want

Lastly, LiveEngage gives you all the tools to optimize your digital engagement strategy on the fly — changing the look and feel without a designer and publishing it immediately without IT. These capabilities make it easy to respond to your competitors, the business landscape, and consumer trends.

Need to push a new campaign for an upcoming holiday? No problem. Trying out a brand-new promotion? Go for it! Decided to tweak a coupon that’s already up? LiveEngage makes it easy. Our Engagement Studio lets you establish the look and feel of everything your customers see, so your presentation is consistent and your branding stays intact. 


Enterprise Services

LivePerson’s Customer Success program is well known for its outstanding work in helping businesses maximize the value of their LivePerson digital engagement infrastructure. Customers can choose from four levels of Customer Success Offerings in addition to the standard Technical Support Policy.

These provide greater value for your organization.